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Webpage Created by
Rolf & Rose Olsen
October 24, 2003

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Nothing happens by accident. Everything is a part of some vast eternal plan. The good news is that we can influence it somehow. How else could Rolf and Rosalinda have met in cyberspace, one gray day in October 1999. If somebody had told either of them that they would marry someone from somewhere halfway across the globe, they would have laughed. They did marry. And life was never the same again; never a dull moment and full of mad and happy moments.

Four years later . . .
Rosalinda was pursuing a possible connection between the Filipino kundiman and the Portuguese fado. She found the webpage of James Jurado Waltz and gained a precious friend.

This webpage ....
would be dedicated to James, but it is as much his as it is Rolf's and Rosalinda's.

Join us in our "cyberspace oddyssey"


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